We start with the basics – age and size.  Puppies require additional nutrients like DHA for healthy brain development, while many aging pups benefit from chondroitin and glucosamine to help keep their bones and joints strong.  We make multiple kibble sizes to match mouth sizes of smaller and larger dogs too – your little Chihuahua can barely get their snout around the bigger kibble sizes for your neighbor’s bullmastiff!

From there we dive deep into all the health and lifestyle information you provide us to fine-tune your dog’s specific Puppo diet.  We consider weight and activity level to determine the recommended amount of calorie intake, all the while eliminating possible ingredients they might be sensitive to.  Then finally we ask your opinion – what’s your pup’s favorite flavors – to make sure our food is as tasty as it is healthy for your furry bestie! 

Mix it all up and you have the perfect personalized recipe for a healthy, happy life!

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